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This year is like every year. It will be rich with opportunity, triumph, and growth. It will also have its challenges, frustrations, and disappointments. It is—it will be—like every year: exactly what you decide it will be. This is not a new year’s resolution. This is an intention for you to breathe life into this year.


What have you always wanted to do? This is your wake up call from the front desk of your life. Get up, get ready, get out, and do something that has meaning for you.


We only have about 80 of these years. How far along are you toward that number? Let’s take this one and make it the best we can by imbuing it with some soul.


Write something that you have always wanted to do on the card we provided. The card is foldable so your intention is either visible for all to see or hidden for just you to know. Put it on your bedside table, your bathroom mirror, your car’s dashboard, your desk at work…wherever you will see it, think of it, smile, and know that you are the best friend you ever had.


If you need help, here are some projects—big and small—that people have told us about:


●      Hike Monadnock
●      Spend one day a month doing only what you truly want to do
●      Sing or play an instrument at open mic
●      Learn a language
●      Read a book a week
●      Take a martial arts class


We want to know that you are pushing to make this year great so tag us on our Facebook page at #brattleboro area hospice and #AYWL. Tell us:


●      What you’re doing for you this year
●      How your project is going
●      What inspired/inspires you
●      Why you are doing what you’re doing


Whatever you want to do, this isn’t a little resolution that sits on the shelf. This is a decision to make this year—and every year—A Year Well Lived.

Click here to download your own card and have a Year Well Lived! Cards are also available at Experienced Goods and the Hospice Office at 191 Canal.