Act 39: Patient Choice at the End of Life

Throughout the years of debate regarding physician aid in dying, BAH has maintained a neutral position which remains in place now that Act 39: Patient Choice and Control at End of Life is law.

If one of our clients chooses this process, we consider it a legal choice and we will continue to provide our services to them.  Alternatively, if a client does not choose it, we respect that choice as well.  In either case, clients will receive our services.

Brattleboro Area Hospice is a non-medical hospice and therefore does not become involved in any medical treatment or care.  We do collaborate with local nursing agencies and healthcare facilities.  Regardless of how these agencies respond to the law, we will continue to work with them and serve our shared clients.  We are committed to serving everyone at the end of their life, whether or not a person chooses to consider Act 39 as an option.

Below are resources regarding Act 39.

Vermont Ethics Network: Act 39

Vermont Department of Health: Act 39

Text of Act 39: Patient Choice at the End of Life