EarlyCare Support Program

Brattleboro Area Hospice believes that the physical, emotional, social and spiritual needs of those living with a serious illness are unique.  EarlyCare volunteers address those needs and support individuals to live as comfortably and meaningfully as possible.

The EarlyCare support program provides trained volunteers and staff for individuals living with a serious illness with a prognosis of up to 2 years.  Individuals may choose to continue active medical therapies. The program is designed to support individuals and their families with flexibility in mind, aiding both individuals and their caregivers as they adjust to the changes illness may bring. Volunteers may be helpful at any time throughout the illness, and in many cases, regularly scheduled ongoing visits may be most supportive.

Clients may transition in and out of the program if the illness is in remission, their health stabilizes, the illness develops into a long term chronic condition, or there is a cure. At other times, as illness progresses, volunteers can seamlessly adjust their support to fit individuals’ and families’ changing needs and goals to optimize their quality of life and care.

EarlyCare Volunteers are well trained, supervised and prepared to lend assistance during a vulnerable time in people’s lives. Ongoing education, training and support enable them to provide the best possible care when it matters most.

EarlyCare Volunteers offer:

• Emotional support
• Companionship
• Respite for caregivers
• Hallowell Singers (tend to one’s spirit with music)
• Practical assistance, such as
– Meals & food preparation
– Transportation
– Supporting children
– Pet care
– Shopping & errands
– Seasonal chores (gardening, etc)
– Light housekeeping like dishes or laundry
– Personal hygiene care
– Answering the phone
– Correspondence
– Hobbies & interests (arts, crafts, music, fishing, reading, writing, etc.)

Anyone can make a referral to our EarlyCare Program, including family members, caregivers or the client themselves.    We also work closely and accept referrals from local doctors, home nursing agencies, hospitals, nursing homes and senior care facilities.

All services are free of charge & confidential.  We do not provide medical care.  Please contact our Care Coordinators at 802-257-0775 for more information.