Hallowell Singers

The Hallowell Singers are a local group that offers songs for healing and comfort at the bedsides of the ill or dying.  They are a component of Brattleboro Area Hospice’s services and are organized and facilitated by community member Kathy Leo.  All of the singers have been through a hospice orientation and are familiar and comfortable with the hospice philosophy of care, appropriate behavior and confidentiality.

Hallowell offers a choice of music ranging from liturgical, spiritual, quiet and melodic pieces to more spirited and uplifting traditional hymns or gospel type music, depending upon the needs of the patient.  Singers may range from a duo to many and are available to sing at private homes, nursing homes or hospital rooms.  Although Hallowell mostly sings for hospice patients, they are available for anyone who is interested or in need of songs that heal.

The response of patients who are sung to is often emotional and calming.  Music can open hearts, quiet fears and touch all who are present, including family members, staff and singers. Families or staff may request free singing services through Brattleboro Area Hospice, or you can call Hallowell directly.

You can also purchase the Hallowell CD, Angels Hovering Round, a recording of some favorite hospice and healing songs.  It was made in hopes of sharing songs that are sung to help a soul pass over or to simply bring joy to those in need of music and spirit in their lives.  The Hallowell CD is for sale at Experienced Goods Thrift Shop.

Please contact Brattleboro Area Hospice at 802-257-0775 or Kathy Leo at 802-463-4563 for more information.  You can also learn more about Hallowell at their website: Hallowell Singers