Memorial Garden

“Today is the two year anniversary of my mother’s death. I am struck by how vitally needed the service on Sunday was for me. I am so thankful for the opportunity to grieve and honor in community that you provided.”

The Hospice Memorial Garden, located in Brattleboro’s Living Memorial Park, is open to the public and all are welcome to visit throughout the year.  Community members may plant in the garden anytime during the summer or fall with the assistance of a garden volunteer.

Each spring we hold our Annual Service of Remembrance, when all members of the community are invited to plant in memory of their loved ones who have died.  Local nurseries donate flowers for the event and we also invite participants at this memorial service to plant their own flowers that have special significance to them.

One of the only public gardens in Brattleboro, our memorial garden continues to expand and improve.  Recently a granite bench, inscribed with We Remember Them was donated and installed.  If you have a few hours to spare, we are always in need of volunteers to help prepare the garden in spring and maintain it throughout the summer and fall.  Contact our office at 802-257-0775 for more information.